one of those songs.

I first heard this song during the fall of 2008.

I was coming off a summer spent in a children’s home in Manila, Philippines, and I was adjusting to life after college (read: full-time job and adult responsibilities). It was track 04 on a CD that Jaimee Jones made for me. The CD was a compilation of songs that had ministered to her during an attempt to get over India and the people she fell in love with there, and she hoped these songs would do the same for me. I can’t remember any of the other songs that were on that CD, but I must have listened to How He Loves Us no less than 1000 times (that is not hyperbole) during that first semester back home. It was my anthem of sorts – a reminder that where ever we are in the world – truth never changes; His love never changes. The lyrics brought great comfort during those first few months as I accepted being home, and the Holy Spirit continued to use it as I prepared to return to Manila a second time.

We sing this song from time to time at church, and it still stops me in my tracks every time. It’s one of those songs that becomes more relevant each time I hear it. Perhaps it is because I am continually becoming more and more aware of my humanity and shortcoming while I catch greater glimpses of who the Father really is. Regardless of status, location, title, income, past, present, or future, He loves us.

If you have never heard this song, take a minute, actually eight minutes, forget where you are and listen.


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