2012 is here.

This past two years have been busy to say the least. I moved to Manila, Adam got engaged, I came home from Manila, Mom started a new job, Adam and Lauren got married, Dad started a new job, Jon and I finally started dating, I started a new job, I got engaged, Jon and I got married, I started another new job, and Adam and Lauren found out they are expecting a baby girl this April. The past few years have been years of transition, change, and growth. They have been years that have challenged me to look beyond myself and strive towards those things that truly matter.


This was possibly the quietest New Year’s celebration of my life, but it ranks as one of the grandest for sure. Since my brother and Lauren are visiting family in New Hampshire, me, Jon, mom and dad took advantage of the empty condo Adam and Lauren left behind in Shalimar, Florida.

We spent a little time on the water, Jon and dad did some fishing, we saw some fireworks, but mostly, we did nothing. It was glorious to say the least.

As we ring in this new year with cabbage and black-eyed peas, my prayer is that 2012 will be one full of laughter, joy, love, and maybe, just maybe, it will be a little quieter than the past few years.  


Jonathan caught the strangest fish

Zoey was terrified of the water!

Happy New Year's from Zoey 🙂


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