how we got engaged.

This past March Jon and I sat down to a quick meal of Panda Express. When we were done eating, we were going to visit our friends Kandace and Beto before they left the country for a few months. The Sunday was normal; I had been visiting with my parents most of the day, and Jon had been to Jackson to help his sister take care of some car issues.

We ate at the bar together. Nothing new. Now that I think back on it, it does seem that I was eating way more chicken and steamed vegetables than him, but at the time I didn’t notice.  Once I was done stuffing my face and he was done pushing broccoli and rice around his plate, he gave me my fortune cookie. Totally normal.

Then I opened the plastic and broke the cookie in half only to find that I didn’t seem to have a little strip of white paper with my fortune waiting for me. Strange, but no need for alarm. At this point, Jonathan is cool as a cucumber. I realize my little piece of paper is folded up and located in one of the halves of my cookie, so I break the half in half. There I am, holding that little piece of folding paper, and still completely oblivious to what is happening. I unfolded the paper once, and I notice that the words look handwritten. At this moment, I still have no idea what is going on, and my first emotion was one of being completely creeped out to be holding the remnants of a fortune cookie that had obviously been tampered with.

I unfold the paper again and reveal its precious, not creepy, message from Jonathan. He was one on knee at this point with a ring in hand, but I don’t really remember him ever actually moving from his bar stool to the floor.

Apparently, the story goes that Jonathan went to Jackson that day to pick up the ring. The rest of the day was spent at his sister’s dining room table going through a box of Kroger fortune cookies attempting to fish out original papers and inserting my message. I still don’t fully understand how he managed it. But he did, and here we are.


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