night market

Around midnight on Friday nights, the street outside our office building is lined up with white tents and dozens of food vendors offering any kind of food you can imagine. These vendors come to sell food to call-center workers (in case you didn’t know, the Philippines is the call center capital of the world), and the people that live in the nearby apartment buildings also come out to enjoy some great food.

This Friday night I visited the local night market for the first time with Megan and Edgar and a few of our Filipino friends. Since we were with some locals, we decided to sample some well-known Filipino food, chicken isaw.

The chicken isaw had been lovingly placed on a wooden skewer, drenched in bbq sauce, placed on a charcoal, again drenched in vinegar, peppers, and onions then given to us to enjoy. This interesting dish was not my most favorite food I have tried here in the Philippines, but it was definitely a memorable experience.

Chicken isaw

Another view of the isaw...

For the record, the three Americans shared one stick of isaw.


One thought on “night market

  1. Wow, now that I see the photos I am so sorry that Leah and I passed up the opportunity to visit these late night vendors with ya’ll!!! I am sure the 2 Canadians would have let the 3 Americans eat all the chicken intestine on a stick they wanted… we prefer CHEESE!!!
    Miss you Hope and thanks for the wonderful memories, You are indeed a blessing and I thank God for you daily! Much Love, Jan

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