apples to apples

This past week, I was able to join our Admin Department for a brief retreat to Hundred Islands National Park. This quick little trip offered an opportunity to see more of this beautiful county while getting to spend quality time with my co-workers.

Our purpose for the retreat was to allow our department time to reflect on our work up to this point in the year, and it also allowed us the chance to enjoy being surrounded by fresh air and nature rather than pollution and high-rise building.

During the retreat, I was able to sample some wonderful seafood, delicious mango (if you have never had a fresh mango please go buy one when you finish reading this post), puto, and babingka.



My responsibility for the trip was to lead devotion and introduce the group to my favorite game Apples to Apples. At first, the group was a little reluctant about the game, but I think everyone ended up having a great time.



One thought on “apples to apples

  1. Hope,
    The food looks delicious!! I will be glad to play Apples to Apples with you again. We are looking foward to your return to Pahnka Road!


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