Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

During Jonathan’s visit we spent one afternoon touring the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial located in Metro Manila. This memorial honors those who lost their lives during World War II fighting in the Pacific. In all, this 152 acre cemetery and memorial is the final resting place for 17,202 military Dead. Those who are buried here represent every State in the Union along with a host of other countries. The marble white headstones are set behind a lush background of Kelly green grass, fuchsia Bougainvillea, and native trees that spread across the grounds like fans.

We were also able to take in the beautiful monument that contains 36,285 names of those who are considered our Missing. This amazing memorial the Fallen carries the state seal of each of the States of the Union. Jonathan and I found our way to the seal representing the great state of Mississippi and sat a while to take in this beautiful place that finds itself nestled in the midst of a robust and chaotic city.


One thought on “Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

  1. Stunning pictures! I wish we had had more time on our visit to see all of this. It is a kind of “sanctuary” in such a chaotic city.

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