post office blues

After being in Manila a few months, I have come to realize that the postal service here is pretty hit and miss when it comes to getting things where they need to be in a timely manner. When I mailed Christmas cards in December, some arrived in two weeks, while others reached their final destination long after December 25th. And so it goes with receiving mail from the US Postal Service. My mom promises that every time she sends something, the postman always says it will be in my mailbox in 12-14 days. And sometimes that does happen.

Just this Monday, the day after Valentine’s, I received three beautiful Valentine’s Day cards from Grandmother Dolly, Aunt Velma, and Ms. Sandra. These three ladies strategically mailed their letters 12-14 days before I was to receive them; they were delivered a day late, not bad considering every time I have visited the PO here there is a minimum of two stray cats wondering around, trash piled up in a corner (I probably have letters in that pile), only one man sitting at the window with at least five other people just sort of sitting around in the back, and there is always a line. With all of that said, going to the post office is always interesting.

Since I just provided all the prior knowledge needed to understand the Manila Post office, it makes perfectly good sense for me not to be alarmed when, on February 12, I had still not received photos from my mother’s visit here over Christmas that she had mailed a week after she returned home.

Well, finally, after being MISSENT TO THAILAND, my mom’s faithful envelope containing wonderful pictures from our time together arrived safe and sound in Manila without one single creased or torn photo.

Apparently, they got the Hope Newsome that lives in Manila, Philippines, confused with that other Hope Newsome that lives in Thailand, perfectly understandable.

the letter finally one piece.


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