It’s snowing in Mississippi, and I’m sweating in Manila

my air conditioner

I talked to my mom this morning (her Thursday night), and she filled me in on the weather conditions on Pahnka Road. Apparently Jones County, along with the rest of Mississippi, is experiencing an ususually large amount of snowfall as I type this. In all my years, I can recall one or two times when there has been enough snow on the ground in my front yard to make snowballs to throw at my brother let alone build a snowman. Listening to her go on about the cold weather makes me a little sad that I skipped winter altogether this year.

Over here on my side of the world, this week I have become particularly conscious of the smoldering conditions here in my beloved Southeast Asia for one reason; our office air-conditioner (or as the Filipinos call it, “air-con”) as been out the past two days. So as all my fellow Mississippians watch the evergreen pines and Magnolia trees turn into white giants from the comforts of your living rooms, I will be wearin’ flip-flops, workin’ my Jay-pan fan, sippin’ mango juice, and thinkin’ of y’all! All my love from Manila!


3 thoughts on “It’s snowing in Mississippi, and I’m sweating in Manila

  1. Well Hopie, it is 10:16 am on Friday, and it is still snowing. I have taken some pictures, and will continue throughout the day to take more. Continuous summer does have it draw-backs. This has truly been an unusual year for winter weather in Mississippi. I just stepped outised and measured the snow it is above 3 inches. Jeff and the girls are outside building a snowman and throwing snowballs…so, Pahnka Road is beginning to venture out and enjoy the snow, by the way, it is STILL snowing!

  2. Hi Hopie Girl well it snowed till after 2 and has been a day of wet cold and no heat here in wayne co. Our electricie went off at around 6 ..came back on at 11 and then off at 12 and finialy..I 2; bad day..all the pictures are good your mama made ,but I am not a snow person..put you a bucket of ice in front of your fan and it sure will make it ya …oh yes by the way how did the donut tast…

  3. The snow was beautiful!!! We took lots of pictures for you to see when you get home!! I love you and can’t wait to see you in JULY!!!!

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