todo, we’re not on pahnka road anymore…

One of the things I miss most about home is the luxury of green grass, fresh air, and peace and quiet. While I am in my cozy little apartment, I am always aware of the world that is right outside my balcony. I hear the muffled sounds of the city. There is always the sound of a truck shifting gears and gaining speed, the occasional siren whizzing by, there is at least one horn being blown at all times; and from time to time, in the mornings I hear music being played on loud speakers.

During the holiday season, lights joined the sounds of the city. I happen to live a stone’s throw away from the Meralco Building (Meralco is the Filipino power company). During the Christmas season, lights draped the Meralco Building and the grassy area that surrounds it. My bedroom was illuminated each night with the soft glow of Christmas lights. Interestingly enough, Meralco rates went up during the holiday months. Coincidence? I think not.

Here are a photos of my backyard! I have balcony, but I rarely venture out on to it.

Meralco Building


2 thoughts on “todo, we’re not on pahnka road anymore…

  1. Love you more than ever. Proud of you and your work,God will richly bless you. Don”t miss out on anything while you are there. You will be home soon enought enjoy your work, enjoy your life, enjoy the things and people God is putting in your life. You have a PURPOSE. LOVE YOUR DAD!!

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