As I mentioned in an earlier post, 2009 was a year of firsts. Experiencing my birthday and Christmas on a different continent qualifies as one of those “first” experiences. Even though I found myself away from home during those times, I was so excited when I received birthday and Christmas cards from home. So many of my friends and family took the time to send me beautiful cards with hand-written messages inside. Having something in the mailbox every few days is so refreshing because it is a little piece of home.

Personally, I am sluggish when it comes to sending cards because it can sometimes take effort to find the perfect card, the right address, and then comes the daunting task of writing a meaningful and appropriate message. It takes thought, and most importantly, it takes time. So thank you all so much for taking the time to slap a stamp on that envelope and send it across the Pacific!

As of right now, Ms. Sandra Register is in the lead for sending the most cards. She has sent me a Thanksgiving, birthday, and Christmas cards. The rest of you need to follow her lead! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Mail!

  1. love you Hopie girl..stayed home from church I have a your cards..counting the days till will be home just in time for gathering the garden ..,probley would be a good thing to be out in the fresh air..stay ya bunch Mama Big

  2. Hey, Savana and Bryce have sent you a card, with pictures included! Maybe you’ll get it before you get home!lol! We’ll be sending a “care” package real soon!!!! Love you!
    Donna Pooh

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