First Time for Everything

2009 was a year of firsts. I survived my first year of teaching; I moved to a another country for the first time; I missed every single MS State football game for the first time in three years; I celebrated Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, and New Years away from home for the very first time; I have not been behind the wheel of a car in almost three months. Believe me, that is a lot to process.

But then I realized something; my list of firsts for 2009 looked pretty pathetic and self-absorbed. With that realization, I decided to stopping being dramatic and I made myself a new list of firsts.

  1. 2009 marked the ending to my unbelievable adventure as a first-year teacher, and I took on the role of interning with an amazing human-rights organization that is dedicated to ending injustice and oppression in the Philippines.
  2. I got on a plane, buckled my seatbelt, and headed for Manila for nine months…by myself!
  3. I cheered on my bulldogs all the way from Manila, Philippines!
  4. I had the opportunity to visit the children’s home I worked at in 2008, I met the founder of Threads of Hope, on of my most favorite livelihood projects here in the Philippines.
  5. For Thanksgiving, I had turkey twice, and I was able to celebrate this special day with new friends from all over the world.
  6. I had the Filipino version of Happy Birthday sung to me.
  7. I am reluctantly conquering public transportation.
  8. My mom and my Aunt Dian got on a plane, buckled their seatbelts, and headed to Manila…just to see me!
  9. Me, mom, and Aunt Dian all celebrated Christmas together in the Philippines!
  10. I got a sun burn in December!

Christmas day in Manila!


4 thoughts on “First Time for Everything

  1. It was a first for us to Hopie..Not having you,Lo and Ann here for Christmas..I miss you so bad,but Am so proud of all you things you are doing and all new things you are seeing..I pray for you every day and a lot at night when God wakes me up and says pray for Hope…I cry a lot,but it is good tears ,for a gift like you as my baby..Can not wait for my and d daddy ann. and your mom and dads for you will be home…Girl work hard and then play a you with all my heart..Mama Big hugs and kisses for you

  2. This is a fabulous snapshot of your firsts! Thank you for the postive turn in the events…your perspective is encouraging and refreshing. I would not have missed it for the world! God bless you in 2010! I am sure there are more “firsts” to come soon. I look forward to hearing more…
    Love to you MY sweet daughter,

  3. What an Adventure….you can tell your kids and I can tell mine..How many people get to do these things…When I was little..I never in my wildest dreams could have imagine I’d go the places and meet the people I have..same for you,,you only have one life…live it up for the Lord and enjoy the ride! ..Aunt Dian

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