christmas carols

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Leah and I met with our small group to celebrate this beloved American holiday. After we had stuffed ourselves with turkey, corn casserole, and  pumpkin pie, we cranked up the Christmas music, put on Santa hats, and helped decorate the tree.

After the tree was complete, we enjoyed a concert of Christmas carols from a local children’s home choir. The kids in the choir are former street children who have been given an opportunity at a new life through the help of the Virlanie Foundation ( 

Click the link below to enjoy some of the carols!


3 thoughts on “christmas carols

  1. I loved the happy birthday song! And I am a HORRIBLE friend! I completely forgot that it was your birthday….do you forgive me? I love reading your blog and your updates. I am so excited that Lo and your aunt are coming to visit you. I almost started crying when I was reading it. I hope that you having the time of your life changing the world and showing them the wonderful love of Christ. I love you more than words can say. I miss you!!! Have a great day!!! hugs and kisses and lots of love

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