operation blessing


November 28, 2009

We arrived at Tondo, a large slum area in Manila around 8:30 am. The distribution center was being held at a basketball court in the heart of the slum. Families from Tondo had started lining up at 7am to receive a bag of rice. In the course of about four hours, our group helped to distribute rice to around 700 families.

But before they received their 8-kilo bag of rice, one member of each family was asked to sit in a group and talk with a counselor who presented the gospel. After listening to this simple presentation, they were given the rice. I was told that an 8-kilo bag of rice, which is worth somewhere around $4, would last a family of five for no longer than two days. 

My job was to follow the Operation Blessing volunteers around and help handout rice to groups after they heard the gospel presentation.

Operation Blessing had found a way to show true love in a real and simple way. I look forward to spending more Saturdays working with this group. Please check out the Operation Blessing websites:

www.ob.org and www.obphil.com


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