a familiar face

Me and Angel, November 30, 2009Me and Angel, Summer of 2008

Me and Angel, Summer 2008

Monday was a national holiday here in the Philippines. I’m not sure what the holiday actually was, but I welcomed a day off from work. Leah and I decided to visit the children’s home where I worked last summer. It was a great opportunity to visit New Faith Family Children’s Home again. I saw so many familar faces, and I was able to meet some of the newcomers to the home.

We spent most of the visit in the  nursery where I was able to spend time with several of the kids I helped take care of last summer.


5 thoughts on “a familiar face

  1. Hey, Hope it is so good to see you doing God’s work and having fun too but if you are doing God’s work it is usually fun. Or at least spiritually fulfilling. Will be praying for you.

  2. Hope, I can see the joy in your eyes. That little girl would enjoy life in Mississippi. You can send her back with your Mom. Prayin for you and Leah.

  3. I see your daddy had the same thought I had ..maby when you come home you could put her in your bag and bring her home.Do you fell 25 today …a old woman..ha..ha…you are my joy as well as my hope..I thank God every day for the sweet gift he gave us 25 years ago..work hard ,but have a good time and make lots of memeries..love ya Mama Big

  4. This was so awesome to see! It brought tears to my eyes!!!! That little girl was not only blessed by seeing you once, but twice!!! God is so Amazing!! I love you and we all are sooo proud of you!!!!

  5. You have the gift of compassion….Wish I had more than I do…and yes sent her U.P.S.to your mom and Dad…they could spoil her good!!!!

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