manny pacquiao



Filipinos errupt with excitement after the Pacman's victory



Over the past few weeks, the Philippines has been complete obsessed with Filipino boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. You can’t go anywhere in Manila without seeing the Pacquiao vs. Cotto posters, billboards, and digital billboards on display. Also, you can’t watch tv without seeing one of the many commercials featuring this Filipino boxer.

Pacquiao faced off with Cotto this past Sunday at the MGM in Las Vegas. The fight was aired here at around noon, and think I was the only person not glued to a television. For a city of millions, Manila felt like a ghost town. People packed into restaurants, gymnasiums, movie theaters, and arenas to watch the fight. Even public transportation was effected as jeepney and cab drivers across the city took a break to cheer on the Pacman.

Thankfully, Pacman came through with the win, and he secured some serious bragging rights for the Philippines. The Pacman became the first boxer to collect world crowns in seven weight classes.

Check out this article about this history making boxer:



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