playing badminton…


This past Friday, I was able to participate in our office’s monthly sports day. We all loaded up on the van and headed to a nearby gym in Pasig City. The monthly sports day is intended to be a time when our staff can relax and enjoy an afternoon of fun away from the office.

I was able to make my debut on the badminton court. Needless to say, I need to practice my badminton skills if I plan to be competitive in future IJM Manila Sports Days!

If you don’t know much about badminton (I did not until I played for the first time), it is a racket game, and it involves two opposing players or opposing pairs. The opposing sides battle it out as they fight to get the birdie across the net. (


4 thoughts on “playing badminton…

  1. Oh my, I failed to introduce you to badminton! My sisters and I grew up playing this game. So glad you found it in the Phillipines! I will challenge you to a game when you get home…..Have a blessed week. I will pray for you as you lead the group each day.

  2. Badminton is a “Langley” sport girl! How is it you were not taught this game!LOL! We played it, but we just hit the birdie to each other, never played with rules that I can remember! Love you much!
    Donna Pooh, Will, Savana and Bryce

  3. Hope your retreat is going well. I know whatever you are doing you are making the most of it. It has not taken you long to fit in .Knew it would”t. You will never know the joy you bring to me. Tell Leah hey, you two stay close. LOVE YOU SO MUCH. PRAYIN FOR YA, LOVE DADDY!!!!!!!! ! !

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