part of my job…

Once I landed in Manila, I was not exactly sure what it was I would be doing in my new internship. During the first week, I simply sat through a few orientation sessions and settled into my new cubicle.

After the first week, things are starting to fall into place. As of this past Thursday, I will taking on the task of facilitating the daily prayer time our office observes. Just before 11am, I walk to the middle of the office and ring a little bell. A few minutes later, everyone starts to trickle in for our daily prayer time together. Each day, we are able to share thanks, concerns, and requests about the work that goes on in our office. I am excited to be a part of the most important part of the workday.


3 thoughts on “part of my job…

  1. What time would your prayer time be here? So glad you are settleing in and doing some fun things..I bought your mama and the girl a badnitten set when thay were home and we played it often so practice and it will be hearing from ya mamabig

  2. Hey Sis! Just passed your blog along to Sabrina from work. She is sharing it with some folks at her Bible study, so you should be getting some new visitors soon. Maybe a few extra prayer partners as well. The prayer time sounds awesome and I am sure that you do a great job. The blog is great! Take care.

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