who knew…

Who knew that rice could take on so many forms.

One thing I have learned here in Manila is if you are going to have a meal, you are going to have rice. Everything else is a snack. Also, I am getting used to the eating schedule here in the Philippines:

  • breakfast
  • merienda (morning snack)
  • lunch
  • merienda (afternoon snack)
  • dinner

Last week, we had some visitors in our office, and I was able to try another unique dish using rice. The most interesting rice dish I tried was some sort of purple rice paste wrapped in a banana leaf. The shape resembled something like a tamale, but it tasted like a stale raisin. So far, I have had some really good food, but this particular rice concoction was not my favorite.

me and a purple rice patty
Enjoying an afternoon snack

3 thoughts on “who knew…

  1. Hello Hopie Girl Is that chicken alside the rice?It Sunday morrowing and I miss you terilby this morrowing,but it is great to see that sweet smile on that picture..Learn how to cook some of the good stuff ,so we can try it here ,when you come home…Had a Surprize party foe Phoo yesterday…Looks like you are being feed real good..love ya Mama Big and Ddaddy.

  2. Interesting food….It was great to hear your voice this morning, We love you and pray that your week will go well. Praying for you daily.

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