shopping on saturday

After a great first week at work, Leah and I decided to take it easy on Saturday. Little did we know, we had a fabulous weekend ahead of us.

As we sat down for lunch on Saturday, we got a call from our friend Kathy. She invited us to meet here at a bazaar at the local world trade center.  (I am so glad Kathy invited us because it made us have to take a cab for the first time since we arrived!) Once we got into the bazaar, we did a little shopping and a little sampling of local food (speaking of bizarre, there was an entire roasted calf on display!)

As we walked around, we learned that most of the vendors there were a part of  livelihood projects going on in the Metro Manila area. I bought some Christmas cards made by one Filipino family that are absolutely beautiful, and I hope to mail then to friends and family back home!

Along with the interesting foods and hand-made crafts, we also met some interesting people from the US who live in Metro Manila. We were introduced to a mother and daughter who run a small children’s home, and they also operate a birthing center in the community where they serve. Meeting this mother and daughter was incredibly encouraging because I later learned that the mother had recently lost her husband, but she and her daughter chose to stay in Manila and continue their work with the poor. I was absolutely amazed by their faithfulness to their calling and their love for the people of the Philippines.


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