rice, rice, baby…

Leah and I were proud of our hard work.

Leah and I were proud of our hard work.

Our second Sunday with the Norths proved to be an amazing day of laughter, refreshment, and ministry.

I think Sunday is easily going to be my favorite day of the week while I am in Manila because Sunday is our day to visit with the North family. This fabulous missionary family from Tennessee has graciously taken Leah and I in and made us feel right at home in this great big city.

This past Sunday was an amazing day because it was my first opportunity to be a part of disaster relief work here in Manila. After church and lunch, we went to the home of another missionary family and helped fill 150 food bags for those effected by the recent flooding in the Metro Manila area. The bags contained the most basic food items like rice, powdered milk, canned meat, and instant noodles. In the midst of such a disaster, I was thankful to be able to be a very small part in helping those in need.


3 thoughts on “rice, rice, baby…

  1. Wonderful news! I am so grateful to the North family for their hospitality…may we all see this as a challenge to be more involved in the lives of others. Thank you, Kathy North for investing in my daughter!

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