a week in review…


So this past week has been a complete blur. I am going to do my best to share a little bit about the amazing things that have happened this I arrived in Manila. Here go…

  • Friday, October 16- I arrived at the Manila airport, fought my way through the sea of people at baggage claim and found my luggage, found Leah at the airport, and we started looking for our ride. Once we found our contact, we went directly to our new apartments and tried to sleep.
  • Saturday, October 17- I tried to sleep in, but I woke up around 6:00am. Leah and I ventured out of our building and found the mall nearest to our building. I know I got money exchanged, and I know I bought some food from the grocery store that day. Other than, I don’t really remember anything else about Saturday. I think I was asleep by 7pm.
  • Sunday, October 18- Sunday was an amazing day. The North family (IMB missionaries) took Leah and I to church and made us feel right at home. Ms. Kathy treated us to lunch then helped us find basic supplies for our new apartments. Kathy and her family are a true answer to prayer. The North family is a part of the amazing family I am beginning to meet here in Manila.
  • Monday, October 19- This was my first day at my new internship. We were greeted my the staff and made to feel right at home. I went through a few orientation sessions, and Leah and I were treated to lunch by our new coworkers.
  • Tuesday, October 20- This was another day of orientation sessions at the office. That night we went to a Bible Study with another coworker, and I had a fabulous time meeting Filipinos and internationals living in Metro Manila.
  • Wednesday, October 21- Wednesday marked the end of orientation, and the beginning of my “internship”. It is going to be a busy 9 and a half months to say the least.
  • Thursday, October 22- My day started out at my cubicle. One of my new assignments is to assist the admin department with daily paperwork, so I think I will be spending a lot of time in my little cube… After lunch, Leah and I had the interesting opportunity to speak at the University of Manila. We even got to meet the university president! Also, this was my first day to experience “heavy” traffic in Manila.
  • Friday, October 23- This proved to be another interesting day at work. It started out with some black coffee and a little paperwork in my cube. At lunch, our office staff was a part of a luncheon that involved other professionals from other organizations. Leah were in charge of leading the group in a fun game. We made everyone solve riddles…not so sure how fun it was for the group.

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