from mississippi to manila


 It is hard to believe that I have been in the Philippines for a week. This time last week, I was on an airplane somewhere between Tokyo and Manila wondering what I had gotten myself into. I am excited about this grand experience in front of me!







11 thoughts on “from mississippi to manila

  1. Hopie, I realize I (and all of us, for that matter) will probably be considered a voyeur, but this is going to help us go through this experience with you, in some small way. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of this awesome God-driven experience! We love you, Baby. Aunt Kay and Uncle Buddy

  2. Hope I am glad you are doing this ..makes you fill a little close to us ..Keep up the good work..this is my prayer for you and your friend..Behold,I will send my messenger,and he shall prepare the way before me.Malachi 3-1 thats you love a bunch Mama Big and Ddaddy

  3. Hello my dear,
    This is going to be great to follow. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us. We had a great day at Pathway. We had four to join our fellowhip this morning and over twenty stayed for training for the fair ministry this Thurs. I love you and am thrilled to be able to see your days in this way.

  4. Hope I am so proud of you. Your mom and I were talking the other day, and decided you and Adam got ya”lls traveling skills from me. All you need is a roadmap, and you have the right map and directions from GOD”S WORD. Always be in His will. LOVE YOU SO MUCH DADDY!!!!!


  5. Hope, I’m so proud of you. You’ve become a beautiful young woman who knows what she wants and goes on to acheive it. Good Luck and do a great job with the people who look up to you for guidance and understanding and I will continue to pray for you so God will give you these tools to work with. I’m going to give your mother a lil something for you. May God bless and keep you well!
    Mrs. Boochie & Family

    P.S. I’m sending you something for Christmas with your Mom!!!

  6. Hope,

    Girl… I am so glad you are doing this… wow that Ted and Loria should be completely swelled with pride! This is the experience of a lifetime and I know you would not trade it for the world. Please remember one of my favorite verses from Esphesians 6:13 put on your armour and when all about you seems to crumble you will still be standing firm! I love you girl and everything that you stand for… have a great week!


  7. I am keeping up with you on here.Day to day you give us insight on how you are living your life.We are so very proud of you.We miss you lots.I know God’s hand is on you and you are in his will.LOTS of LOVE from your favorite “Great Aunt”.Dian.

  8. Hope,
    Girl you are missed here in the South. I’ve just got around to reading the things you’ve posted. The South MS Fair ended today…..I’m so happy! The weather was insane- cold, hot, rainy, cold again, and mildly cold/hot, but thank goodness for our dear corndog man. He took great care of me for the week as did every other food vendor there. I will write more a bit later, but my brian and body has almost shut down. Take care and I look forward to reading more later. You are a blessing! Love ya much, Rena

  9. Hope,

    God has blessed you with a tender and GIANT heart for others…love to hear your dad tell of your exploits…I can just see his face bursting with pride…praying for you, Leah, the Norths and all there from waaay over here in Tyrone, GA. Thanks for taking the time from your busy schedule to update the blog.

    Yours and His In Christ

    Don Wood

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